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What is Manufacturing-X?

  • Manufacturing-X is the data-based networking of the value chains in industry - across sectors and countries.
  • Manufacturing-X creates an innovation space for resilient, competitive and climate-neutral production.
  • Manufacturing-X covers the entire life cycle of products and means of production - from raw material extraction to recycling.
  • Manufacturing-X enables new, data-based business models and application solutions.
  • Manufacturing-X paves the way for scalable, industrial-grade applications - for large companies and for SMBs.
  • Manufacturing-X builds on Gaia-X and stands for secure, open and sovereign data exchange.

What is the goal of the Manufacturing-X initiative?

With Manufacturing-X, business, politics and science have started a joint initiative for the digitization of supply chains and value-added networks under the umbrella of platform industrie 4.0, which enables companies to use data together. The aim is to set up an international, interoperable data ecosystem that enables digital innovations for more resilience, sustainability and competitive strength.

Manufacturing-X – Vision

How international is Manufacturing-X?

The initiative is being developed at European and global level – just as the value creation networks are organized. Manufacturing-X aims to develop and implement the necessary structures. The aim is to build a multinational network to moderate the Manufacturing-X communities on a national and global level.

What does a data ecosystem Manufacturing-X do?

In the Manufacturing-X data ecosystem, companies can share and share data while still maintaining control over their data. Companies can individually determine who has access to their data, when and how they may be used. This concept of data sovereignty enables trusting cooperation between all actors in value creation networks and promotes the willingness to share data. Manufacturing-X paves the way to a data-based economy.

What does the X in Manufacturing-X stand for?

The "X" in Manufacturing-X stands for "Exchange" and symbolizes the exchange of data and collaboration in complex value creation networks across different industries. It illustrates how companies can share information and resources to add value and improve profitability.

Who are the actors behind the Manufacturing-X initiative?

Platform Industry 4.0 accompanies the Manufacturing-X initiative on the way to a sovereign, interoperable data ecosystem. The vision: digital value creation networks and intelligently controlled value creation and supply chains for a resilient, sustainable and competitive industry. The Steering Committee Manufacturing-X directs the activities. Around 30 people from companies, initiatives, associations and institutions are currently involved in the initiative moderated by the BMWK: BDI, Bitkom, BMBF, Bosch, Catena-X, Deutsche Telekom, DMG MORI, Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, IDTA, ISTOS, Phoenix Contact, SAP, SCHUNK, Siemens, Trumpf, VDMA, ZVEI.

What are the goals of Manufacturing-X?

The Manufacturing-X initiative aims to create cross-industry data ecosystems with maximum interoperability. These should help to enable effective and efficient value creation for a resilient, sustainable and competitive industry.

The initiative has set itself the following tasks:

  • to define common standards for the implementation of Manufacturing-X for the economy,
  • to establish technologies so that data can be shared securely and sovereignly along the entire value chain,
  • to define which technical, legal and organizational requirements must be created for this,
  • to make the initiative known to economic actors in particular through accompanying communication,
  • advance concrete use cases, such as process improvements through data fusion from different sources or quality improvement through the use of machine, material and processing data.

Which use cases does Manufacturing-X offer?

The focus is on the implementation of practice-relevant added value, e.g.:

  • Efficient and fast traceability of delivery parts;
  • ESG reporting in complex supply chains;
  • decarbonization across different processing stages;
  • circular economy from design to disposal;
  • product passport management;
  • capacity management in and across sectors;
  • Complex quality assurance and damage analysis.
  • Manufacturing-X – Use Cases

Manufacturing-X – Use Cases

How "green" is Manufacturing-X?

Manufacturing-X creates a new quality of data-based ecosystems. It enables easy and safe participation in these ecosystems. This is the only way to create the required critical mass of participants, which ensures the necessary transparency in value chains. This makes possible,

  • to actively control and reduce the carbon footprint,
  • to increase energy efficiency,
  • to use the digital twin for the development of a holistic circular economy,
  • use limited resources such as raw materials more efficiently.